Let's make Pet.jsx look great with a nice little overlay of their name, animal, breed, and location. Replace the returned markup with:

<Link to={`/details/${id}`} className="relative block">
    <img src={hero} alt={name} />
  <div className="absolute bottom-0 left-0 bg-gradient-to-tr from-white to-transparent pr-2 pt-2">
    <h2>{`${animal} — ${breed} — ${location}`}</h2>
  • We need to set the containing anchor link as both display block and relative positioning so we can reposition inside of it.
  • The absolute will make the name tag be absolutey positioned within the relatively positioned parent anchor link.
  • bottom-0 and left-0 will put our little name tag in the bottom left of the div.
  • The bg-gradient-to-tr from-white to-transparent gives us a fun little white-to-transparent gradient so it makes it easier to read the name tag.
  • pr-2 pt-2 is a little right and top padding to extend the gradient.

🚨 We did not do Details.jsx. I leave this as an exercise to you!

🏁 Click here to see the state of the project up until now: tailwindcss