This is probably what most sold me on Tailwind CSS. Let's say we want to make a nice sort of tiled layout for our search results for our pets. Tailwind makes this so easy. Head to Results.jsx and let's see this.

// replace outermost div
<div className="grid gap-4 grid-cols-2">[…]</div>

lol what

That just feels like it's cheating, right? Wow.

  • grid puts you into display: grid.
  • gap-4 gives you the gutters between with the number representing how big.
  • grid-cols-2 says how many you want per row.

But we're not done here. Let's make it responsive too.

<div className="grid gap-4 grid-cols-1 sm:grid-cols-2 lg:grid-cols-3">[…]</div>


  • The sm: is the small breakpoint which is larger than 640px apply this style (these can be adjusted and renamed)
  • The lg: is the large breakpoint is larger than 1024px. There's also md, xl, and 2xl too.

We just did a fully responsive grid layout with no work. My much younger self is very upset by how much work I had to put into doing this right. This is so much easier than it used to be.