Welcome to Intermediate React v5 as taught by Brian Holt

If you haven't yet, read the intro page as it explains well who I am, why I'm teaching this course, and what my background is.

This course is structured a bit different than the Complete Intro to React v8. Whereas the Intro class is a project based class and the whole class builds on one continuous project, this one takes a bunch of unrelated concepts and teaches them as little modules. Feel free to skip modules that don't apply to you.

All project files are here: citr-v8-project. This is where you'll find all the various solutions and steps to different parts of the project.

Specifically, most modules will work on a fresh copy of the 14-context folder. This folder is the completed project from the Complete Intro to React v8. After each module, we'll restart with a fresh copy of this folder (i.e. the modules do not build on each other.)

Alright! Let's have some fun with Intermdiate React v5!