We've seen one way to handle async code in React: with effects. This is most useful when you need to be reactive to your data changing or when you're setting up or tearing down a component. Sometimes you just need to respond to someone pressing a button. This isn't hard to accomplish either. Let's make it so whenever someone either hits enter or clicks the button it searches for animals. We can do this by listening for submit events on the form. Let's go do that now. In SearchParams.js:

// replace <form>
  onSubmit={e => {

Now you should be able to see the network request go out whenever you submit the form.

This course isn't going into all the ways of handling user interactions in JavaScript. You can register handlers for things mouse leave, mouse enter, key up, key down, and can even handle stuff like copy and paste events, focus, blur, etc. Here's a list of them from the React docs.